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AutoAudit script
Paul Nielsen, John Sigouin

Version 3.30 is available in the downloads tab.

AutoAudit is a SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2012) Code-Gen utility that creates Audit Trail Triggers with:
  • Insert - event logged to Audit table
  • Update - old and new values logged to Audit table
  • Delete - logs all final values to the Audit table
  • CreatedDate, CreatedBy, ModifiedDate, ModifiedBy, and RowVersion (incrementing INT) columns optionally added to table
  • View to reconstruct deleted rows
  • UDF and view to reconstruct Row History
  • UDF to recover the data from a table at any point in time - NEW FOR 3.30
  • Schema Audit Trigger to track schema changes
  • Re-code-gens triggers when Alter Table changes the table

Version 3.30 major changes:
  • Added the _TableRecovery UDF that returns the data from a table as it existed at a specified point in time
  • Added User-configurable prefixes and suffixes for AutoAudit views and UDF's
  • Added a parameter to configure the date style to either 113 or 121 in AutoAudit tables
  • Added QUOTENAME delimiters around TableName entry in AuditHeader table
  • Added LoginName to the SchemaAudit table
  • Changed the default behaviour of the pAutoAuditDropAll stored procedure to 0 (don't drop) instead of 1 and added a safeguard confirmation parameter.
  • Added the Comment column to the AuditAllExclusions table

Version 3.20h major changes:
  • Added an option for pAutoAuditAll to exclude all tables from specified schemas

Version 3.20e major changes:
  • Handle primary keys with up to 5 columns
  • implemented Quotename and all over to handle any table and column name
  • Save changes for a subset of the columns in a table
  • Schema support so that the Audit tables and objects can be created in any schema (not just dbo)
  • Added a _RowHistory view for each audited table
  • Implemented Quotename() all over to ensure AutoAudit works with any table and column name
  • Adjusted AutoAudit to make it work with case-sensitive database collation
  • Added the option for users to rename the Created, CreatedBy, Modified, ModifiedBy, RowVersion columns
  • Added audit data archiving feature

There is close to 80 changes between version 2.00h and 3.30. Please refer to the Documention TAB and setup script file for all the details. I also added information in the guide section to explain the new features in more details.

Version 2 adds:
  • Optional logging of submitted SQL Batch
  • Optional Insert logging (none, event, all values)
  • Optional strict or loose user context logging
  • Optional base table DDL columns (Created, CreatedBy, Modified, ModifiedBy, and RowVersion)

initial AutoAudit blog post:

ScreenCast demo at:

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