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Entity Framework issues…

Sep 23, 2010 at 12:25 AM

First off let me say that what you have created here is awesome… Just flat out great. Now to the issue. :-)  I am using your auditing logic along with the entity framework, SQL 2008, & the DevExpress tools suite. I am not sure if it is the Entity Framework or the DevExpress tools, but one seems to want the database date fields to be datetime2 data type instead of just datetime. Any issues with me changing the data types on those fields?

The second issue I ran into I am pretty sure has something to do with the Entity Framework. Because the fields you add to each table don’t allow NULL I am catching exceptions when trying to save a new object to the database saying that the fields don't allow NULL values.  Removing the NULL constraint on those fields seemed to resolve the issue, will it cause any problems with your script?